Fork Bind - Problems & Resolutions

Fork Bind - Problems & Resolutions

Fork binding is one of the most overlooked problems that I see on a consistent basis.

    This can result in deflection, harshness, and inconsistencies with your front end.   

    Most of the time this is a result of improper front tire installation, which results in misalignment of your forks tubes. This causes binding within the forks, which also causes premature wear on bushings and seals.

    Here are a few tips. 

    1) Slide your fork tubes into your triple clamps. Torque to manufacture specifications: (see owners manual) do not over tighten. Make sure the height of the forks is equal on both sides.   

    2) Slide axle through the wheel. Add your brake caliper and tighten.

    3) Tighten axle nut to manufactures specification. (At this point you might need to tighten one of the right side axle pinch bolts so the axle does not turn, Make sure to loosen this after axle is tightened).   

     4) Tighten left side pinch bolts (brake side) to manufactures specification.

    5) Take the bike off the stand and hold your front brake and push the front end down in the stroke a few times, this will align the forks on the axle. (If you have a wall, place the front tire up against it and perform the above procedure. While the forks are down in the stroke have someone tighten the right side pinch bolts to the manufactures specs. 

     Note: the right side axle boss needs to be free. Before tightening, you should be able to move it slightly in and out on the axle. If this is not free, take a thin flat blade screwdriver and open up the axle boss.

Submitted by DGS Racing, LLC